Ginger and Ryker were recently treated to Pupcakes from my cousin while she was visiting. The excitement was palatable.

We removed the dog treats to save for later and let each of them take a bite off of their own sweet.

While I was breaking of the second bite size piece for each, Ryker was patiently waiting to have his next serving. Ginger, however was so busy on the floor trying to get all the crumbs left that she didn’t notice I had another sizeable bite waiting for her.

Ah ha! A little sales lesson courtesy of my fur family.

“A scarcity mindset is a psychological perspective in which individuals believe that there are limited resources, opportunities, and success to go around…”

The trick is to switch to a more abundant mindset. Not always easy.

I started by asking myself: what worthy bite of business am I missing? While releasing the habit of fussing over crumbs from the “big” projects.


Thanks to these little dorks, I am smiling as I plot to finish the sales year strong.

If you have read along this far, thank you!
You support is pawstively
delightful. 😘