In sales sometimes we settle in to a lingo of sorts. Catch phrases we use frequently while presenting. One of mine centers around “finish details”.

While working a vendor fair I found myself encouraging in a variety of ways: “it’s all about the finishes” a bit too much.

It made me worry I was getting a little too comfortable with my trusted quips. My inner critic was suddenly working overtime.

The following day I was scheduled to visit a new install. The designer is a mutual, self proclaimed “color lover” and really embraces Source International Design’s painted powder coat offering.

This particular install, however required a more conservative palette.

Not unlike my trusted catch phrases, there are go to chair collections that have been around for a bit.

In an industry pressured for constant creativity, presentation requests are usually for “What’s New” not always what works.

“Everyone loves Jump”

The facility designer confirmed that the Jump chairs installed on their last project are the spaces the students use the most, and they still look great.

It works, so she used them again.

In faculty private offices, breakout student areas, etc.

Still on campus, I could not wait to text my Source friends.

(Not everyone shares the same level of enthusiasm for chairs).

The Jump Chair poly options come in two complementary tonal finishes. The front of the chair lighter, and the back in a darker hue. This can be challenging to navigate during the finish selection process…so frankly we see a lot of orders for white.

The subtlety of the Light Blue Grey/Blue Grey on poly samples don’t do it justice. Paired with a grey (not silver) powder coat sled base and an amazing space. So lovely.

From the front of the room showing Light Blue Grey:

From the back of the room showing

Blue Grey:

and finally the back row with a coordinated textile on an upholstered seat:

Visiting an install in person is such a treat.

This one left me rejuvenated, inspired and encouraged.

A new way to tell an “old story.”

Congratulations to this project team, and thank you.