Communication & Kindness

It’s day 701, and we all have that one colleague that still can’t navigate mute on the zoom meeting.

It is frustrating and challenging.

The absence of organization rituals, like in person meetings, shared breaks, and impromptu idea exchanges can spark loneliness.

In this space, where we feel so helpless, it is comforting to think we can make a difference.

The key could be simple as cross generational communication…and kindness. Gen Z is experiencing the highest level of loneliness in the workplace today. While Baby Boomers are experiencing the least.  Make it a habit to connect with someone outside your social norm. Remember to be patient and kind. The outcome will likely be mutually beneficial.


Taking care of You

Thankfully, it is widely understood that self-care is no longer bubble baths and reading by the fire (although it certainly can be). Within the past two years a vast majority of individuals have embraced some version of “self-care”. As a result, we can all officially agree, making the time for yourself is not selfish.

What that looks like as we return to work is certainly based on one’s needs. I, for one like to take myself out on a date.  In December of 2021 I wanted to see the Gingerbread Wonderland display at the Norway House. I scheduled a lunch date with myself, and even made it Outlook official.  I didn’t have to worry about meeting up with anyone, reminding them where to park, and I was able to leave when I was ready. It was magical; the houses, and the quality me time.



Get Out!

Outdoor spaces have been leading Interior Design trends for 5 years now. With the onset of work from home in 2020, our parks and outdoor community spaces continue to be in high demand. We are all versed in the benefits of Biophilic Design, and the innate connection we as humans feel with nature. So, how do we continue to foster trend?

Support your local parks through donations, and good etiquette.

Encourage your customers to include outdoor spaces in their projects.

Inspired thinking: mid-spaces that blend the outdoor design trends, but indoors. Perfect harmony for all weather conditions. Evoke the feeling of escapism from urban life.


Stay Connected by Disconnecting

Social Media is both a blessing and a curse. While more than 32% of users are limiting their social media use, those isolated depend on it.  Other than moderation, balance or other buzz words; how do we navigate this push/pull into the future?

Perhaps inspiration can come from an Okinawa term Moai. A group that comes together to socialize, pool resources and gather regularly over a lifetime. A lifetime connection outside of social ties, a community within a community. A study found that this type of connectivity directly and positively impacted longevity.  What could this line of thinking do for the longevity of your community, and company’s culture? What types of spaces do you plan to incorporate support this level of connection?


The next position is the best position

Over 100 million people globally own a certain brand of smart watch. Not to mention multitude of other pedometers (we love to track our steps). Conversely Netflix may hit 300 Billion  in market capital this year.

Good office ergonomics is more important than ever. While the work anywhere trend continues to rein, so does awkward postures.

The very best thing you can do is change positions. That means no binge watching or working.  Walking meetings gained popularity over the past few years, noted for their health benefits but did you know it even limits hierarchical boundaries.